Fortra Advanced Email Security Solutions

It’s Time to Rethink Email Security


Despite all the investments that enterprises have put into email security over recent years, the truth is that there are still too many threats making it into user inboxes. For internal SOC teams, the situation is untenable as the threat landscape continues to shift and organizations race to transition to a cloud-based email architecture.

At the same time, regulators continue to raise the bar, pushing enterprises to more closely monitor and enforce data protection policies. This, along with managing a variety of vendors and security tools that lack interoperability, leaves SOC teams both overburdened and exhausted.

Fortra Is Your Email Security Ally

Since keeping the bad at bay is the rallying cry of the day, enterprises need comprehensive protection that spans the entire lifecycle of threats from the staging of email-borne threats outside your organization to active threats landing in the inbox. Fortra’s Advanced Email Security solutions do just this—whether you are operating in the cloud, in a hybrid environment, or on-prem through a complete solution, we can help you solve your toughest email security challenges.

Content-based threats are a major piece of the puzzle because they don’t only exist on the surface, but can be deeply embedded in inbound messages, including files, URLs, attachments, images, etc. In addition, outbound data loss can lead to leaks or sensitive information leaving your organization, which can result in compliance failures and the loss of confidential proprietary data.

Identity deception techniques, such as spear phishing attacks and brand and executive impersonation, are specifically designed to provide threat actors easy access to user inboxes. And due to a lack of visibility and detection of advanced threats in many legacy security controls, Secure Email Gateways are not attuned to stopping these types of identity threats, having a negative impact on good communication flow. These threats are delivered in a variety of ways, making them increasingly difficult to identify, and user-reported threat indicators are not enough to stop them.


Complete Email Security with Curated Analysis & Baked-In AI

Our Advanced Email Security solutions help enterprises combat a broad range of threats from spam to spear phishing attacks with three key differentiators, including:

  • Deep Content Inspection that granularly identifies and stops hidden inbound threats buried deep in email content, attached images and documents, as well as outbound data loss of sensitive and regulated data
  • Identity Threat Detection that provides an AI-driven, additional layer of security behind the gateway to protect against spear phishing and other advanced email attacks that can make it past frontline security stacks
  • Global Inbox Threat Intelligence, including malicious indicators from our global customer base, that serves as the underlying foundation and constantly strengthens & informs your architecture against the latest or most relevant threats



Fortra’s Advanced Email Security solution delivers comprehensive threat protection and powerful policy enforcement for cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments by tackling the toughest email security challenges, including business email compromise (BEC), data leaks, and advanced email threats.


Deep Content Inspection:

  • Examines the structure of files and redacts when necessary — like metadata & version history
  • Scans for inappropriate images & sanitizes messages by removing elements like bad HTML script or code
  • Performs real-time URL lookups & rewrites them through integrated 3rd-party solutions when necessary
  • Provides visibility into policy enforcement & remediation controls to meet compliance requirements

Identity Threat Detection:

  • ​​​​​Adds a layer of security behind your SEG to detect & stop identity threats
  • Leverages AI-powered data science with a vast data set – including ML models, LLMs & neural networks
  • Quickly mitigates identity deception threats at scale
  • Provides a detailed analysis of tactics used to stop known and zero-day attacks

Global Inbox Threat Intelligence:

  • ​​​​​Leverages a rich set of threat indicators generated by your users, our global base & other Fortra feeds
  • Safeguards your architecture by remediating threats quickly using combined malicious indicators
  • Continuously feeds updated threat intel into active components to strengthen your security posture
  • Detects & automates claw-back of threats that do make it into user inboxes across the organization

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