Fortra's Cloud Email Protection

Advanced threat protection from an integrated cloud-based email security platform.

In the FBI's latest IC3 report, advanced attacks like spear phishing, spoofing, and BEC had nearly 320,000 complaints reported in 2023 – resulting in total losses in excess of $4.6B!

Augment Your Enterprise's Email Architecture with Fortra's Cloud Email Protection

It’s no secret that threat actors rely heavily on impersonation and social engineering to slip malicious emails past defenses and into user inboxes. And the reality is that Secure Email Gateways struggle to detect advanced threats, such as Business Email Compromise and spear phishing attacks.  

According to recent statistics reported by Fortra experts, more than 98% of threats that bypass traditional email security defenses rely on impersonation and social engineering. To make matters worse, these tools have been slow to adapt to cloud-based architectures, forcing enterprises that migrate to cloud email to become susceptible to cloud phishing and compromise their security.

Enterprises need robust email security that both stops advanced threats in their tracks and integrates seamlessly into cloud-based environments.


Move from Email Threat Protection that Suffices to the Most Advanced ICES
(Integrated Cloud-Based Email Security) Solution

Fortra’s Cloud Email Protection is a cloud-native platform that uses AI-powered data science, global threat intel, and automated threat remediation to keep user inboxes free from advanced email threats like cloud phishing, and API-enabled to seamlessly deliver threat protection in various email environments.

Cloud Email Solution Features

Global industry leaders count on Fortra to avoid the cost and business disruption that comes from rapidly evolving email tactics, such as impersonation.

Advanced Data Science

The data science behind Cloud Email Protection is an advanced system of machine learning (ML) models, Large Language Models (LLMs), and neural networks that work together to accurately detect impersonation and social engineering techniques used in messages.

Fortra's team of expert data scientists and email threat researchers have extensive experience in practical applications of modern ML and AI technologies and ensure that the platform is trained and optimized to detect unknown threats that bypass traditional email security controls.

To learn about Fortra's Advanced Data Science and more, read our whitepaper.


How Fortra's Cloud Email Protection Platform Melds It All Together


Our CFO's likeness was used to falsely convince our AP to wire funds offshore. Fortunately, Fortra’s Cloud Email Protection detected and stopped the threat before damage occurred. The peace of mind that Fortra provides us empowers us to go about our day knowing we are protected, even from social engineering attacks that are hard to detect.

Senior InfoSec Analyst, Medical Equipment Company

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