Email Security Solutions

Stop advanced email attacks, such as spear phishing, account takeover, and BEC scams.

What Is Email Security?


Email security solutions comprise all the technology and policies that are designed to protect email content and communications against cyberattacks. 

Email remains the central form of communication for most organizations. This strong dependency on email is why it is important to have robust email security services. Email security should protect an email inbox from everyday hackers, malware, and advanced attacks like phishing. It should protect a brand from imposters posing as trusted colleagues, vendors, and partners intent on defrauding the brand. 

The FBI's IC3 2023 Internet Crime Report estimated that over $3.17 billion in losses were attributed as a direct result of successful phishing, spoofing, and BEC scams!

What Is an Email Security Solution?

What Is an Email Security Solution?

Email security solutions function as a barrier for email communications within an organization's network by inspecting incoming emails for advanced threats and by monitoring outbound email traffic. With more pervasive cyberattacks at every intersection, it’s imperative to protect your email infrastructure from being infiltrated. 

Thus, a solution that protects your on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environment is a requisite step on the course towards complete threat protection. As headlines of the last few years have shown, threat actors don’t prioritize one type of business or industry – becoming a target is a looming threat for enterprise organizations to small businesses and consumers.

How Do Email Security Solutions Work?

How Do Email Security Solutions Work?

Email security solutions rely on layered defenses to protect organizations. And while many solutions contain built-in security features and controls like spam filters or the ability to set alerts that warn of unknown senders, many services fall short when it comes to additional protections that TRULY defend against evolving cyber threats and email vector attacks.

A comprehensive email security solution can protect email from many external threats and even internal attacks. Thus, it is essential to have a solution that goes above and beyond the default which stands OUT from the crowd and stands UP against commonplace scams and advanced email attacks and tactics – like impersonation and social engineering.

Securing Email Communications


As enterprise email security threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, your employees’ inboxes also become more vulnerable. According to Gartner’s last Market Guide for Email Security, email is the most commonly used channel for cyberattacks, as well as a significant point of egress for sensitive content. And with the average cost of a data breach now at nearly $4.45 million, per Ponemon/IBM’s 2023 Cost of a Data Breach report, securing your email communications with the right solution has never been more important.

So you need robust protection from a wide range of email-based threats – spam, ransomware, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), data loss, and more. And you also need to balance security with the need to continuously collaborate. Any delays to email communications can be costly and frustrating.

Cloud-Based Email Security Product Portfolio


Fortra offers a plethora of comprehensive coverage of your organization’s cloud-based email environment with its product portfolio – from staging and delivery of advanced email threats, through analysis and reporting, and following up through automated remediation. These include:

Cloud Email Protection

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An integrated cloud email security platform that detects and remediates advanced email threats including BEC, spear phishing, and targeted social engineering. 

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