Fortra's Agari DMARC Protection

Robust DMARC Authentication & Monitoring Solution

DMARC Solution Overview

It takes years to build trusted relationships with your customers—but cybercriminals can abuse that trust to trick your customers into opening their malicious emails in a matter of minutes.

DMARC is an essential email authentication protocol that enables administrators to prevent hackers from hijacking your domains for email spoofing, executive impersonation, and spear phishing. But email is complicated and getting email authentication correct is critical, so that only the spoofing is blocked.


Agari DMARC Protection simplifies DMARC management at every level

helping organizations to protect their customers and partners from email attacks that hijack their brand through:

Reporting & Analytics

How Agari's Solution Works

Think of DMARC as a journey, where one step leads to the next automatically – but the journey never really ends because you must maintain or upgrade your processes to remain operational, otherwise they become outdated or may break.

Thus, the inherent steps in implementing DMARC are truly cyclical and must happen automatically behind the scenes.


With Agari DMARC Protection as your solution, DMARC deployment happens easily by leveraging predictive intelligence and smart automation tools that can detect phishing campaigns early in the attack cycle, identify sender information, analyze data on the DMARC record, and reject unauthenticated emails accordingly once they’ve hit the inbox.

Solution Features

The Agari DMARC Protection DMARC solution is designed to support every step in your DMARC security journey:
from initial configuration and authentication to active DMARC monitoring and analysis.


DMARC Configuration for Authentication

The leading enterprise email infrastructure doesn’t report DMARC data back to the sender. That leaves a glaring hole in your visibility into B2B email delivery — whether it’s sent by a third-party vendor or SaaS provider, or if it's sent to employee mailboxes from your own domain. To combat this enterprise-level & worldwide problem, Agari’s DMARC software offers:

DMARC Deployment

Through auto-generation and DMARC, SPF, and DKIM signature hosting, Agari DMARC Protection works to understand your email environment by collecting sender-receiver information and behavior. Agari’s fully hosted deployment reduces administrative burden, often needed for substantiating ROI.

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DMARC Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting

After implementing DMARC with a p=reject policy, Agari DMARC Protection remains a key component—even as cybercriminal behavior and their tactics evolve. So the next phase of Agari’s active monitoring solutions are just as crucial in ensuring that your brand is free from abuse and your customer base is protected from fraud through:

Third-Party Sender Management

Agari DMARC Protection offers an efficient and robust system for identifying, tracking, and managing third-party senders who send on your behalf. It also continuously updates, providing new sender alerts when it detects them – even when a well-known sender overlaps with a custom sender.

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The biggest benefit we got from deploying Fortra's solution was visibility. We got visibility into the attack space and into how inconsistent some of our enterprise controls were applied.

Bill Burns, Chief Trust Officer, Informatica



Agari DMARC Protection stops phishing by automating the process of DMARC email authentication and enforcement
to protect customers from cyberattacks, preserve brand identity, and improve digital engagement, even post-deployment.

Minimizes Risk

By understanding when your company is being targeted

Decrease Time to Reject

By automating implementation

Mitigates Threat & Abuse

By authenticating internal & third-party senders

Leverages Threat Intel

To alert SOC teams of spikes in phishing attempts or takedowns

Builds Trust

By protecting your customers from impersonation or spoofing

Monitors Actively & Continuously

For response & remediation, if necessary

Maximizes Marketing Efficacy

With your trusted communications by boosting communications

Reduces Operational Costs

That are usually associated with email channel management

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DMP UI Overview


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This NEW comprehensive offering mitigates the phishing campaign infrastructure threat actors rely on. Digital Risk Protection from PhishLabs continuously mines Agari DMARC Protection’s intel to proactively detect phishing campaigns early in the attack cycle. It then integrates and feeds into the IOC Threat Feed to take immediate action to disrupt them.

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