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It's time for a new approach to email security

Too many threats are getting past traditional email security controls. Recent data shows that 82% of data breaches involve a human element – with phishing being one of the primary vectors attackers exploit to gain initial access to corporate environments. Impersonation threats, like BEC and credential phishing, continue to plague inboxes, accounting for more than 95% of reported email threats. The email security status quo is leaving organizations exposed.

Fortra is your email security ally.


Defenders need a better way. One that delivers everything it takes to stop modern email threats, including:

  • Artificial intelligence that detects advanced impersonation and account takeover
  • Deep content inspection that uncovers hidden threats
  • Threat intelligence that disrupts emerging threats
  • Robust email authentication that prevents spoofing
  • Engaging awareness training that drives users to report phishing attacks
  • Expert triage that resolves reported email threats
  • Automated response that continuously purges threats across inboxes

Fortra Email Security brings these capabilities together into comprehensive, multi-layered solutions that provide advanced threat protection for cloud, on-premise, and hybrid email environments. Recognized as a leader by industry analysts, we're setting a new standard for email security.

Better Together: How Fortra Email Security Came to Be


Fortra Email Security is one team comprised of industry veterans and proprietary technologies from Agari, Clearswift, PhishLabs, and Terranova Security.  We have always pushed the boundaries of conventional email security, and that's what we continue to do.

Agari was established in 2010 and co-founded the DMARC standard, which continues to revolutionize how organizations protect their email identity. Recognizing the growing threat of email impersonation, Agari then developed the advanced Data Science models and cloud-native architecture that are at the center of Fortra’s Cloud Email Protection solution.

Clearswift recognized early on the growing complexity of file structures and how easily malicious or sensitive content buried deeply in files could pass through security filters unnoticed. To manage this risk, Clearswift developed a powerful new engine for inspecting content. This evolved into Fortra's Deep Content Inspection technology, which can go down up to 50 layers deep into content to detect mitigating malicious code and data exfiltration.

PhishLabs was founded in 2008 to fight back against attackers by disrupting their infrastructure. They developed extensive intelligence sourcing, threat hunting operations, and external threat mitigation services to enable this mission. These capabilities enrich our Email Security solutions to proactively protect customers from emerging threats and novel attack campaigns.

Terranova Security's journey began in 2001 with the recognition that human behaviors would play a critical role in cyber risk management. It delivered the first security awareness training Learning Management System (LMS) to the industry. Today, it delivers a comprehensive training and phishing simulation platform that empowers administrators to minimize risky user behaviors and drives employees to report threats before they lead to business compromise. 


What are we changing about email security? Everything. See if you've got what it takes to join the Fortra team.

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