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Keeping healthcare records secure and patients safe from phishing attacks is critical to sustaining the trust people expect.




Healthcare Records Targeted

Healthcare providers use Agari to protect patients, partners, administrators, and providers from costly email phishing attacks.

The abundance of regulations governing the security of patient health records (including GDPR, HIPAA and various other federal, state and local regulations) make email security an organizational imperative.

Too many healthcare companies lack visibility into who is sending emails in their name and leave employees vulnerable to sophisticated advanced email attacks

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Destination: DMARC-Bound

Agari stays one step ahead of fraudsters because it understands the identity and trust relationships behind the email message. Our solutions know what good emails and sender behavior looks like, so we can stop the bad.

Financial institutions use Agari to fully automate DMARC implementation. This accelerates deployment, reduces time to enforcement and helps them stay there.

Agari also protects staff from disruptive advanced email attacks and supports the Security Operations Center with workflow automation for incident response.

Challenges & Solutions

Always-on protection for your brand and organization.

Fraudsters send fake invoices, bogus notices and log in requests to patients disguised as emails from their healthcare or insurance providers.

Once successful, they can log in as the patient to steal personal information.

Agari fully automated support for rapid DMARC accelerates deployment and enforcement, so you can ensure your brand is used only for legitimate email communications.

 Getting Started with DMARC: A Guide foR HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS 

Fraudsters routinely target healthcare because an individuals’ personal, credit and protected health information (PHI) are accessible in one place.

Account takeover happens when an employee is tricked into a log in attempt on a fake website or business app, or they unknowingly download malware thinking it’s a necessary software update.

Agari recognizes these attacks because they stand out from the good identities and behaviors modeled over time.

Protecting Against Account Takeover-Based Email Attacks 

Email provides fraudsters with a convenient way to deliver customized malware, remote access trojans and computer viruses. These lack a recognizable “digital signature” so they slip past legacy defenses.

Identity deception is often used to deliver these payloads, but the lack of good email and behavioral history makes these attacks stand out to Agari.

Agari is uniquely able to defend against zero-day attacks that have never been seen before to give you the confidence to open and click anything in your inbox.

 Determine First with DKIM 

Cybercriminals often target known security gaps and naturally prefer easy targets.

As organizations adopt Agari solutions, they often see significant reductions in fraud within a matter of weeks. Overall attack volumes drop precipitously as cybercriminals seek out new, more vulnerable targets.

The Fortra Cyber Intelligence Team (FCIT) helps many organizations fight back against these attackers and publishes regular reports detailing findings from active engagements with cyber threat actors.


Email security training is part of a layered defense, but in addition to legitimate incidents it can also generate false positives – often many of them.

Agari cuts Security Operations Center response time by up to 95% for employee-reported incident triage, forensics, remediation and breach containment.

Breaches that otherwise take months to discover are detected and contained in mere minutes. And automated impersonation, URL and file analysis detects malicious content that easily evades traditional secure email gateways (SEGs).

 Suspicious Email Analysis Datasheet 

Detect, defend, and deter advanced email attacks that evade legacy email security controls.

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