Fortra's Email Security Premium Services

Expert Guidance for Optimal Email Security Protection

You have the tools and protection you need, but what if you have questions or simply want to know if everything is working as it should? Fortra offers a 12-month Email Security Premium Services program which provides you personalized, high-value service through a dedicated Technical Account Manager for your organization.

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Data Security


The Benefits of Premium Services

Dedicated Technical Account Manager

With regional headquarters in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the U.S., our professionals offer continuous support and resources in your region. Your dedicated professional will understand your email security roadmap – serving as your sole point of contact for questions, issues, and understanding opportunities for security improvements.

Annual Health Check

Conducted by your Technical Account Manager remotely, an annual health check will analyze and provide a report with observations and recommendations intended to proactively highlight potential improvements.

Quarterly Customer Reviews

You will receive a quarterly support review, coordinated by your Technical Account Manager. This review provides you with an in-depth summary incident report containing any cases raised during the previous quarter, current open case status, and future planning needs for your organization. The review will also allow you the opportunity to provide Fortra with feedback so we can continuously improve our support services. 

Two Inclusive Service Days

A total of 16 hours per year delivered remotely by your Technical Account Manager for additional assistance or training from Fortra, including, but not limited to: (1) implementation of health check recommendations and remediation, if necessary; (2) suggestions for additional features/functionality, as requested; (3) installation of additional servers/replacement servers; (4) assistance for any needed upgrades; (5) delivery of bespoke training or knowledge transfer sessions; and (6) access to documentation such as troubleshooting.