Social Engineering

Social engineering attacks rely on human interaction using personal and business context to establish trust and convince the recipient to take action.

Anatomy of an Attack

Social engineering is used in virtually every advanced email attack. The techniques used come in various forms, usually involving personalized messages with details harvested from social networking sites or other public sources.

PHASE 1: Profile

Research Targets

Organized cybercrime rings are highly sophisticated, mining marketing databases, social media profiles, online archives and corporate websites to identity and profile targets.

Why Do Social Engineering Attacks Work?

Field CTO, John Wilson, discusses how social engineering attack tactics such as urgency and authority work to trick people into doing something they normally might not.


The Fortra Advantage

Protection From Social Engineering Attacks

While traditional attacks leverage technology-based system vulnerabilities, social engineering attacks take advantage of human vulnerabilities by using deception to trick victims into performing harmful actions.

Agari carefully inspects each incoming email, analyzing the human relationships and behaviors. By understanding the identities behind the message, Agari spots the anomalies prevent attacks regardless of social engineering triggers.

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Security Against Identity Deception

Identity deception is core to social engineering and the key to tricking people into downloading malware, logging into fake web pages, or giving up information.

Agari social engineering security detects threats and prevents identity deception tactics such as display name deception, spoofing, lookalike domains, and messages sent from hijacked sender accounts.

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Automated Partner and Supplier Fraud Prevention

Cybercriminals often pose as a trusted supplier or partner in order to launch successful spear phishingransomwarebusiness email compromise attacks, or other social engineering-based attack.

Agari automatically models your business partners, their relationships, and behaviors to auto-generate protection policies. This hands-free approach guarantees that your employees are protected against the modern social engineering-based attacks of today and those we expect in the future.

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