What is Ransomware?




Ransomware really is continuing to be that go-to attack for attackers, and it's really one of the most effective ways that they have to extort businesses and compromise user data. How does ransomware work? Well, typically, it's delivered via infected email attachments or via compromised websites or contact management systems.

Here at Agari, we actually think that the best way to mitigate ransomware attacks is to actually deal with the problem at the gateway because that's really where you can address the problem before the user actually sees the message. Ransomware usually depends on social engineering as well as some kind of spoofing of the email in order to get the recipients to click on it. So, here at Agari, we actually look at the identity of the sender, and also look at the content of the message to ensure that we're rooting out both identity deception as well as the content of these messages.