Agari Identity Graph




The Agari Identity Graph is the AI-powering Agari Suite of advanced email security solutions, protecting your inbox from costly and damaging phishing schemes, account takeovers, and business email compromise attacks. The Graph leverages machine learning and makes over 300 million model updates each day, analyzing tens of billions of emails flowing through the Secure Email Cloud.

The complex relationships of global email identity are mapped across people, organizations, and industries, delivering dynamic models of authenticated and trusted center behavior. Applying the Graph AI to Agari's industry-leading solutions stops identity deception attacks from reaching your inbox.

Agari applies the power of data science and advanced machine learning models to understand hundreds of complex relationships between sender identity, behavior, and recipient. And, because it's at work protecting some of the largest brands in the world from advanced email attacks, the Graph grows smarter and more effective every minute of every day.