Inbound DMARC Visibility

Standard DMARC reporting tools rely on data from large consumer mailbox providers, but the leading enterprise email infrastructure doesn’t report DMARC data back to the sender.

If your enterprise email infrastructure isn't reporting DMARC data back to the sender, you are leaving a glaring hole in your visibility into B2B email delivery – even when sent to employee mailboxes from your own domain.

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Fill the DMARC inbound visibility gap for your domains, so that you can reduce the risk of executive spear phishing and ensure mission-critical emails are authenticated and delivered, at no extra cost to you!

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The Inbound DMARC Visibility capability of Agari DMARC Protection solves this significant blind spot by filling the DMARC reporting gap in Microsoft 365 and Exchange infrastructure. You’re able to see all DMARC data for email sent to employees using your domain, whether directly or via third-parties, as part of the Agari DMARC Protection subscription.

With Inbound DMARC visibility, Agari DMARC Protection alerts you and provides valuable forensic data about attempts to hijack your domains for spear phishing and similar attacks against your employees. It’s a key enhancement to the effectiveness of your email security posture.

The data provided by inbound DMARC visibility in Agari DMARC Protection helps you troubleshoot the authentication status for email sent on your behalf to employees via key third-party SaaS providers, such as HRIS or CRM systems. This visibility will give you confidence that this mission-critical email is authenticated and delivered — and that your DMARC policy is working as it should.

  • Get Visibility: See the DMARC authentication status for email sent from your domains to employee mailboxes.
  • Reduce Risk: Improve your email security posture with intelligence about inbound attacks using your domain.
  • Have Confidence: Ensure mission-critical email to employees is authenticated and not blocked by your DMARC policy. 

Agari DMARC Protection provides inbound visibility to both cloud and on-premises email infrastructure, including M365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Workspace environments.

Inbound DMARC visibility in Agari DMARC Protection relies on a lightweight virtual sensor. The sensor is secure, requires minimal resources, and is optimized for high performance. The sensor can be hosted in the Agari cloud or deployed on-prem by your organization. In either case, the sensor uses a dual-delivery model: it accepts copies of email messages sent inbound into your organization and relays key metadata to the Agari for analysis. Message bodies are discarded, and no SMTP messages leave the sensor. The same sensor supports Agari Phishing Defense. If your organization already has deployed Agari Phishing Defense to protect your employees from inbound phishing threats, no additional sensor is required.