Email Security Enterprise Services

Professional service designed to accelerate solution adoption and time to value for enterprises.


Business Challenge

Agari’s cloud-based security solutions allow you to stop and respond to BEC and phishing attacks on your employees and protect your customers from phishing attacks. Agari’s Customer Enablement and Support organization is committed to the success of our customers and works to ensure Agari customers achieve value through the deployment of Agari solutions.

For Agari customers that desire a higher level of service, Agari offers Email Security Enterprise Services, a premium service designed to accelerate solution adoption and time to value. Each customer that purchases Enterprise Services is assigned a dedicated Subject Matter Expert (SME) to deliver value and serve as a customer advocate for driving the customer’s business outcomes.

Enterprise Services Overview

Agari Email Security offers multiple tiers, including a managed service, to suit different business size, organizational needs, and budgets. Please see your Agari account executive or reach out to [email protected] for more information and pricing.

Available Email Security Enterprise Service tiers include:

  • Successful deployments require planning, communication, training, and monitoring. Your SME extensive experience to create a customized rollout/project plan for your organization.
  • The SME also ensures that the plan follows Agari best practices while taking into consideration your business goals, priorities, and any requirements unique to your environment.
  • A well-defined incident response plan is an effective way to identify, minimize damage, and reduce the cost of a cyberattack.
  • Your SME will work with your organization to ensure that the Agari cloud-based security solution is incorporated into your incident response framework and work with you to develop or enhance a process for handling email threats.
  • The Agari cloud-based security solutions include comprehensive reporting features, such as executive summary reports and more granular, action-targeted reporting.
  • Your SME will work with you to design a reporting framework to ensure the right level of information is distributed to the appropriate people to ensure visibility to ROI inside your organization. Your SME can also advise the use of our solution APIs for integration with your other tools.
  • Your SME can work with you to review the current state of your organization’s email security posture, and, where applicable, your organization’s security stack.
  • The SME will advise on email security best practices to ensure you make the most of your investment in Agari cloud-based security solutions.
  • Email Security Enterprise Services have developed a set of communication templates to assist in organizational internal communication. This is especially beneficial when deploying Agari DMARC Protection.
  • Your SME can provide and customize email and presentation templates covering project awareness to prepare the organization for DMARC rollout; identification of business owners; and contacting 3rd party senders for authentication.
  • Product training is an important part of deployment success and maximizing ROI.
  • Your SME provides hands-on training via remote sessions to ensure your staff is proficient on Agari cloud-based security solutions. There is no limit on training sessions to accommodate staff changes or additions, new features, or to support specific business needs. Our training approach addresses the ‘why’ and not just the ‘how’ so that your staff may also gain general email security proficiency.
  • Success criteria defines how the stakeholders in your organization will measure the success of the project.
  • Your SME will work with you to develop measurable success criteria based on your organization’s timeline and goals and assist you in tracking progress via regular project reviews and identify next steps towards your success criteria. The SME can utilize your existing project success tracking tools or provide Agari best-practices templates.
  • Your SME is an advocate inside Agari representing your interests and driving your business outcomes. This includes advocating for new features or enhancements on your behalf, as well as driving resolution for any potential issues encountered along the way.
Benefits of Email Security Enterprise Services
  • Assists the Agari Enablement Engineer with the initial deployment and drives deployment after the enablement phase.
  • Provides expert guidance throughout your journey to help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure adherence to best email security practices.
  • Advocates for driving the customer’s business outcomes.