Clearswift On-Premise Encryption Portal

Today's businesses run on information and collaboration, but with collaboration and fast communication channels like email, there is a new challenge. How do organizations enable collaboration without compromising the security of their information?

Encryption is a widely accepted solution for protecting information within emails. However, when organizations are communicating with non-technical consumers, there is a need to find an encryption method that works easily for them. Clearswift provides an encryption solution that's easy to use for their non-technical customers but also provides complete control for the organization sending out the email.

On-Premise Encryption Portal

With an ever-growing need for secure business communication and collaboration methods, email still remains a primary channel for information sharing. However, the challenge for many organizations is how to share and receive information securely with customers, without being highly technical to use or a hindrance to communication flow. This is where an on-premise Encryption Portal can add value.

Business Problem

Today’s businesses run on information and collaboration. Collaboration, which used to be internal, is now just as likely to include external parties and while communication methods are established, the type of communication and the risks associated have also changed. With the advent of data breaches and the subsequent legal processes to reduce the risk, encrypting emails ensures that messages intercepted can not be viewed by anyone apart from the intended recipient.

However, with encryption can come complexity. For the techno-savvy power users, this isn’t an issue. But when you have a need to communicate to a non-technical consumer, there is a need to adopt an encryption method that works easily for them. If recipients struggle to read and reply to messages then they will simply stop using the system and the value of providing secure content delivery is lost.

The Solution

One of the best methods of secure email delivery for the non-technical user is to use an on-premise encryption portal which provides complete control for the organization sending the email. The application and the data can be located wherever the organization needs it. Options are available for both secure webmail and PDF encryption to provide flexibility for both the sending organization and the recipient.


The solution consists of deploying an additional host where email with sensitive content is routed by the Clearswift Secure Email Gateway (SEG) appliance, which sends a notification message to the recipient who can follow the instructions provided to retrieve the message from the portal via a browser.



The on-premise portal-based encryption option is designed to be deployed within an organizations own network, rather than in-the-cloud. In order to be used, a suitable policy and a route needs to be defined on the Clearswift Secure Email Gateway (SEG) appliance. When an email is sent, the on-premise SEG determines if the portal is required. If it is, then the message will be securely routed to the portal over TLS and a notification email sent to the recipient.

When a recipient receives notification of the secure portal email, they can log into the portal using any browser (including smartphones and tablets) to read the email securely over HTTP/S. They can also reply and print from the same interface, ensuring two-way secure communications.

If a recipient hasn’t used the portal before, they are invited to register, including creating their own password.

To ensure high availability, it is recommended that two or more instances of the portal are deployed.

User Experience

The recipient receives a message with instructions on how to login to the portal. Using any browser they connect to the portal and set their own password. Logging into the portal allows them to view, reply, and compose new messages as below:

Clearswift Portal Image

Clearswift is responsible for Level 1 and Level 2 support, with a direct line back to CipherMail for any complex issues that cannot be quickly resolved.


On-premise Portal Encryption is a cost option for the Clearswift Secure Email Gateway appliance. The cost is dependent upon the number of users.




On-Premise Portal Encryption is an optional, priced module for the following products:

A cloud-based portal encryption option is also available.


Clearswift provides 24x7 global support as standard, with additional options for premium support.

On-Premise Portal Pricing

Priced per user.

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