Clearswift and Cryoserver: Secure Email Archive

With email still being the primary business collaboration tool, organizations need to ensure that the content and information they send and receive is kept secure. Together, Clearswift and Cryoserver help to safeguard your organization’s critical information found within email thereby protecting the intellectual property and brand reputation of your organization while ensuring compliance, legal discovery and streamlined business efficiencies.

Email archiving and compliance

The deployment of an effective email archiving solution is a problem faced by many organizations, despite the plethora of examples of high-profile businesses failing to retrieve email in a timely manner.

Recent surveys from Gartner, Forrester and Radicati all show that a fraction of companies have implemented an email archiving solution, despite the increased legislation requiring organizations to retain documents and communications – including email.

Organizations are increasingly obliged to demonstrate transparency to shareholders, by establishing good corporate governance and risk management procedures. This can be achieved by implementing appropriate technologies, but the majority of organizations have not done this to date. IT departments have escalating storage concerns with mail servers exceeding capacity, causing them to reduce mailbox quotas and encourage employees to delete emails.

Important documents are being destroyed. Documents that are meant to be retained for compliance and legislative purposes. Time is being wasted looking for useful information because it can’t be found in users’ mailboxes and private PST files.

As organizations are increasingly looking to implement technologies to solve these problems, Clearswift and Cryoserver offer the ideal solution to address all of these issues in a single platform:

  • Providing C-level executives with transparency
  • Adhering to good corporate governance and risk management
  • Alleviating IT department storage concerns
  • Offers a forensic archive and compliance system
  • Retains full audited copies of all emails sent: to / from / within a business
  • Preserves data as required by courts and legal practise


There are many regulations now dictating that employers are responsible for the conservation of email communications. Some of these regulations include:


  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Financial Services Modernization Act
  • FRCP U.S. Act


  • Financial Services & Markets Act
  • Enterprise Act
  • Data Protection Act


  • GDPdU


  • Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Act


  • Basel II
  • ISO 27001
  • Common Law
  • Freedom of Information Act

Data Loss Prevention

Deploying an email archiving solution, changes employee behavior. Knowing that a copy of the email will be preserved in a secure archive for several years – and can be searched for at any point in time – makes people think twice before they press the send button.

Prove a Negative

Being able to prove that you did not send or receive a particular email is a significant benefit to many organizations. This is known as “proving a negative” and is achievable with email archiving.

Storage Management

Together, Clearswift and Cryoserver also address storage management concerns, as large file sized emails (i.e., 10MB) are now replaced with a stub/referrer (5kB). With compression technology and single-instance storage, using an email archiving solution will address the common storage concerns faced by most IT departments - using this technology will also help the mail server perform better.


The solution captures emails in real time, the instant they are sent or received, and freezes them in a tamper evident environment. Emails are fully indexed, encrypted and compressed into the archive. Due to the emails being indexed in real time, the embedded search engine can carry out lightning fast searches.



There are two search interfaces available: Simple Search and Advanced Search. The Simple Search is more than enough for end users to provide search and retrieval in most day to day requirements. The Advanced Search offers further deep diving and granular search options for eDiscovery professionals.

Role-Based Access

The solution also provides multiple roles of access. A Privileged User will typically be a HR, Legal, or Compliance professional who can search across the entire repository in an audited manner. There is also a mid-tier level for those who need access to a subset of data in an audited and non-audited manner. With Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled across the organization’s Active Directory, users can search and retrieve their own email from within Outlook.


Business Continuity

An email archiving solution, also provides a business continuity capability, allowing internal users to access a view of their mailbox in the event of a disaster where their Exchange or Domino servers are unavailable.

Management and Reports

A powerful, yet simple to use ‘user interface’, with role based administration, automation and auditing capabilities offering multiple reports which can be used to identify elements, such as mail flow trends by organization and user.


Key issues

  • Important business decisions, commitments, and financial documents are communicated by email
  • Companies are being required by law to keep emails for substantial retention periods and there are now criminal penalties for email shredding
  • Disciplinary proceedings, harassment cases, and corporate data leaks often require rapid access to email evidence
  • Vicarious liability: Employers are responsible for the actions of their employees
  • Email is being used as valid evidence in court cases
  • Storage on the mail servers is growing rapidly and companies need to offload these emails into a centralized, secure and audited repository

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