Agari Phishing Response

Accelerate Phishing Incident Triage, Forensics, Remediation, and Breach Containment

Phishing and other email-based attacks account for 94% of breaches, with cybercriminals exfiltrating data mere hours after gaining access. However, it often takes months for businesses to discover a breach—and even longer to remediate it. Traditional security controls rely on blocking cyberattacks at a single point in time when email is delivered, attachments are executed, or URLs are clicked.

In contrast, Agari Phishing Response uses continuous detection and response technology to simplify and accelerate threat hunting by instantly discovering all email attacks that match newly discovered indicators of compromise across all inboxes. The Agari SOC Network, a cyber intelligence-sharing network, provides a continuous source of human-vetted threat intelligence to member organizations from the world’s top SOCs, internal employee-reported phish, and the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division.



Many organizations’ security operations teams report their work around investigating suspected phishing emails is heavily repetitive and requires many meticulous steps, such as checking multiple blacklists and different IT systems within the company.

- Gartner Preparing Your Security Orchestration and Automation Tools (ID G00325580) 

Accelerate Response Time with an Automated Phishing Playbook

Agari Phishing Response is the only turnkey phishing incident response solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to automatically remove all phishing emails from user inboxes. The solution delivers detailed impact analysis, enabling security teams to ignore false positives and slashing phishing incident response times. By streamlining response times and automatically removing malicious emails from inboxes, Agari Phishing Response contains breaches in minutes instead of months.

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Agari Phishing Response provides an end-to-end automated phishing playbook that integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to continuously analyze employee inboxes for threats, triage incident reports, remove false positives, perform forensic analysis, and then automate the remediation process:

Reporting: Employees report phishing incidents through a phish button, an abuse email address, or a helpdesk support ticket. The Agari SOC Network provides a continuous source of human- vetted threat intelligence member organizations from the world’s top SOCs.

Triage: A SOC analyst quickly reviews the sender’s identity, their trust level, attributes of the email, and whether it contains malicious attachments, URLs, or content.

Forensics: The SOC analyst reviews forensic information about the email to complete an investigation.

Remediation: The SOC analyst determines and applies the necessary remediation action, such as removing emails from inboxes or resetting account passwords.


Agari Phishing Response is the only turnkey solution purpose-built for Microsoft Office 365 to automate the process of phishing incident response, remediation, and breach containment.


  • Avoid financial losses by detecting breaches before they successfully compromise employees.
  • Save time for security operation center analysts by automating the process of incident response.
  • Automatically remediate similar phishing messages sent to multiple employees.
  • Quantify risk reduction and calculate savings with an intuitive executive dashboard.
  • Simplify threat hunting by discovering all email attacks matching newly discovered indicators of compromise.

The Agari Advantage

  • Travels back in time to prevent or mitigate data breaches as new threat intelligence is discovered.
  • An automated incident response and remediation workflow reduces phishing incident response time by up to 95%.
  • Integrate out-of-the-box with Microsoft Office 365 to automatically remove all phishing emails from user inboxes.
  • URL, attachment, and sender forensics enables fast and accurate investigation.
  • Impact analysis showcases the number of employees susceptible to a potential breach.

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