Agari DMARC Protection

Restore customer trust in your email communications

Email is a critical communication channel to engage with customers. Unfortunately, it is also the primary vector that cybercriminals use to exploit a brand and target its customer base with advanced phishing attacks. Malicious emails from cybercriminals can damage a brand, erode customer trust, and impact a corporation’s bottom line. Increasingly, consumers are valuing security and trusted communications as a brand differentiator.

A related challenge organizations are facing involves the complexity of today’s email channel. Driven by the addition of new cloud-based email services, the acquisition of new companies, or the set-up of unauthorized email servers by shadow IT, an organization’s “email identity” is constantly changing. This creates both a security risk when unauthorized email is sent on behalf of that organization’s brand, as well as a potential business problem if legitimate email is blocked from getting to customers.

Automated Email Authentication

Agari DMARC Protection stops phishing by automating the process of DMARC email authentication and enforcement to protect customers from cyberattacks, preserve brand identity, and improve digital engagement.


Agari analyzes two trillion emails per year claiming to be from domains across the world’s largest cloud email providers. Combining Agari DMARC Protection tools with third-party sender knowledge, Agari lets you authenticate your organization’s legitimate email, thereby blocking unauthorized email from reaching your customers. And when criminals switch tactics to employ look-alike domains, Agari DMARC Protection alerts you to these messages and allows you to detect the malicious URLs so you can take down the website.

Actionable Insight Into Your Email Ecosystem

For many organizations, cloud-based email services such as Salesforce, Marketo, or Mailchimp represent the majority of emails sent. Often, organizations may not even know all the cloud service providers sending email on their behalf.

Agari DMARC Protection includes cloud-based threat intelligence, which automatically identifies, monitors, and manages emails being sent on your behalf by third-party email senders. This enables businesses to easily identify and authorize legitimate email communications, block malicious emails from cybercriminals, and protect consumers and partners from email attacks.

Agari DMARC Protection In Action

Forrester Research recently interviewed customers of Agari DMARC Protection to examine the ROI and additional benefits received after deployment. The organizations all have leading brands that are frequently targeted by criminals disseminating phishing emails.

Agari has a higher rate of enforcement than any other vendor and has helped more organizations realize business value by bringing their domains to a DMARC policy of reject. This graph from 2021 shows Agari customers at Reject level as compared to multiple similar vendors in the marketplace:


Agari DMARC Protection Deployment

Agari first works with you to understand your email environment by collecting and analyzing DMARC reports. We then help:

  1. Protect your brand by instructing receiving mailboxes to reject all inbound messages that fail DMARC authentication.
  2. Ensure authentication remains accurate as your email ecosystem changes.
  3. Prevent look-alike domain attacks by continuously monitoring your ecosystem, even as cybercriminals switch to other attack types.

Agari DMARC Protection automates DMARC email authentication and enforcement to prevent brand abuse and protect your customers from costly phishing attacks.

  • Improve customer trust by protecting your brand from being used in phishing attacks.
  • Accelerate DMARC enforcement and decrease time to reject by automating implementation.
  • Maximize marketing efficacy and improve email engagement with trusted communications.
  • Reduce operational costs associated with email channel management.
The Agari Advantage

Fully-hosted DMARC deployment reduces administration and management burden.

  • Email cloud intelligence identifies and visualizes sender domains and IP addresses.
  • EasySPF quickly and automatically builds error-free SPF records.
  • EasyDKIM automates selector identification and overall management of DKIM.
  • Inbound DMARC visibility solves a key DMARC blind spot in Microsoft 365 and Exchange email infrastructure for enterprises, reducing risk and improving decision-making.
  • Preconfigured integrations with leading SIEM and SOAR platforms enable custom automations to improve your team’s efficiency and ensures DMARC threat data is visible where and when you need it.
  • Look-alike domain defense uses real-time feeds to identify malicious domains impersonating your brand for remediation by your takedown vendor.
  • BIMI brand indicators put a trusted logo on every email you send, creating millions of free brand impressions using the BIMI standard.
  • Data analytics give deep context on email domains including authentication, deliverability, abuse, and more.

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