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Agari Phishing Defense uses predictive, artificial intelligence and real-time insights from trillions of emails each year, and we stop 99.987% of the attacks that secure email gateways missed.


How? Let's take a look.



Hi, my name is Paul Chavez, and I'm a Senior Marketing Manager here at Agari. I'm here to talk about how to fight back against the biggest threats to organizations today, the advanced email attack. Businesses, government agencies, and other organizations are in the middle of a cybersecurity crisis caused by business email compromise. They've already lost over 12 billion dollars, due to BEC attacks in 2013 alone, and losses continue to rise.

The latest FBI Internet Crime Report found an 88% year-over-year increase in financial losses due to business email compromise. BEC victims now lose 92 times more to these email compromise attacks than to ransomware and malware-based attacks combined. All this is happening, even though security email gateways have been adding advance controls. And the reason is because these controls don't address the gaps in email security that cyber criminals are exploiting now.

We developed Agari Phishing Defense to close these gaps. We use predictive, artificial intelligence and real-time insights from trillions of emails each year, and we stop 99.987% of the attacks that secure email gateways missed. How? Let's take a look.

The Agari Phishing Defense console shows you the solution in action. When you first log in, you immediately see a breakdown of all the messages scanned by Agari, and the threats detected over the last week to last month. With our hyper focus on sender authenticity and identity trust, you'll notice that our dashboard automatically organizes the messages we've analyzed according to these axes. The Y-axis, authenticity, shows you how certain we are that the message is truly from the claimed sender. While the X-axis, identity trust, shows you what we know about the claimed sender and their relationship with the recipient.

If I'm communicating with someone I know, like a partner, and that partner has never sent me malicious content, that sender will appear in the upper right-hand corner of our graph, because of their high authenticity and identity trust score. What's interesting is looking at the senders in the other quadrants of the graph. A typical impersonation attack may have a high identity trust score because the attacker is impersonating someone that the victim has a relationship with, but the authenticity score will be low, because the sender is not truly who they claim to be, placing them in the bottom right quadrant. The advantage of this organization is that I can quickly drill down into the quadrant to investigate a threat and gain greater understanding of the attack. This attack employs two impersonation techniques: domain spoofing and display name impersonation, to evade a secure email gateway defenses and con the user into thinking they are who they say they are.

These impersonation techniques, along with others, like leveraging look-alike domains, or compromised accounts, form the basis of the modern, sophisticated attack that's wreaking havoc on organizations today.

Agari Phishing Defense counters these attacks, and it's unique because it automates that protection. Most advanced threat and anti-impersonation solutions require a lot of manual configuration, like creating policies, monitoring for false positives, false negatives, and enforcing actions. But most security teams don't have the bandwidth to deal with these time-consuming and error-prone tasks. Agari solves this issue by integrating out-of-the-box protection policies that automatically learn and adjust by modeling your message flow.

Whether you need protection against spear phishing, executive impersonation, BEC, or account takeover-based attacks, our pre-built protection policies are enabled by default to provide advanced threat protection on day one.

Finally, our executive dashboard also shows you the ROI on Advanced Threat Protection. You'll see the number of threats we've stopped, and how much money you're saving on BEC and breach remediation. You'll also see how your email attack rates and protection compare to your industry peers.

Agari Phishing Defense has stopped more than 100 million advanced email attacks and counting. With an advanced threat capture rate of over 99.987%, making Agari the most effective solution for attacks that bypass secure email gateway controls. Our clients know they can open, click, and trust everything in their inbox.



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